Zgqewk Vaccinations are not dangerous (and are useful)

by Luigi TeodonioSamsung wasn't enough. Now Apple has to watch its back from Amazon too. Jeff Bezos' company seems to want to challenge the Cupertino company on all fronts: from smartphones to the sale of digital content, through tablets and software. «They are bitter enemies, asics 14 kayano and their rivalry will only worsen with time» Hot war The theaters of conflict — Upon closer inspection, new balance 574 nb Apple is right to watch its back from Amazon. The two companies are rivals in practically every field related to mobile, winter converse and now the group led by Jeff Bezos seems ready to make its entry into the golden world of smartphones. Another competitor in the so-called 鈥淕ames of Phones鈥? exactlyNot what Apple felt it needed. Apple and Amazon are also rivals in the tablet sector (iPad vs. Kindle Fire) and in the digital content market (ebooks, mp3, films). In short, what is about to arrive seems to be a wide-ranging war with an uncertain outcome, since both giants build part of their turnover on the fortunes of their opponent. According to data provided by Apple, Amazon Kindle is the fifth most downloaded app in the iTunes Store, while Amazon sells thousands and thousands of Apple devices. Moves and countermoves — In recent weeks, Amazon has concluded the purchase of a couple of small start-ups — Yap and UpNext — which could soon allow it to enter the voice recognition and digital cartography markets. The latest rumors about Apple, however, would like the company founded by…
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